Automated Policy Enforcement for Cloud Infrastructure


1. Simple point and click tool for users to configure, build and deploy Bot’s. Also See BOT


1.Programmatic automation to analyze and correct cloud infrastructure per user defined rules and actions
If This:
SSH open to the world
  • Delete rule
  • Notify Stakeholders
  • Webhook to Splunk
0 +
standard bots available including…
SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate Heartbleed Vulnerability
Identify SSL certificates which may be vulnerable to SSL Heartbleed
Security Rule Audit
Global SSH (Security Groups)
Identify select ports such as SSH open to the world
Scheduled Instances
Scheduled Instances
Auto-schedule instance stop/start to reduce costs
many more
Access a growing Bot Army for automation of security compliance, cost optimization and best practices

Real-Time Health Matrix

Real time reporting of non-compliant cloud resources

Auto-Corrective Action

Not just reporting, Bots take action to optimize and secure your cloud infrastructure

Build a Bot

Standard Bots are just the start.

Custom build Bots with multiple corrective actions and notifications.