is Free during the Beta Period


$0No Credit Card Required
  • 100+ Bots in real-time Reporting Mode
  • 1 Bot in Active Mode at a time
  • 500 Actions
  • 1 Cloud Accout
  • 1 User

Small Factory

$199per month
  • 100+ Bots in real-time Reporting Mode
  • 3 Bots in Active Mode at a time
  • 1500 Actions
  • 2 Cloud Accounts
  • 3 Users

Large Factory

$499per month
  • 100+ Bots in real-time Reporting Mode
  • 5 Bots in Active Mode at a time
  • 3000 Actions
  • 4 Cloud Accounts
  • 5 Users


  • unlimited cloud resources
  • custom configuration of Bot thresholds to match policy
  • multi-step actions for Bots in Active Mode
  • unlimited email notifications to stakeholders (not required to be BotFactory users)
  • csv download of non-compliant resource report
  • email and chat support

More Information:

Reporting Mode

Bots identify and list non-compliance resources in real-time based on user configured thresholds and best practices.  List of non-compliant resources can be export to csv.

Active Mode

Bots are enabled to take corrective actions including lifecycle commands, notifications and logging.  Multiple actions can be chained together in sequence including actions schedule in the future.  If steps are taken to bring resources back into a compliant state, scheduled actions will be automatically cancelled.

Action Limits

Accounts are limited by the number of actions Bots can take in a month. Any lifecycle action counts towards the limit including resource start, stop, terminate, resize, attached, detach, delete, etc.  Notifications of non-compliance do not count towards the monthly limit on actions.

Limits on Active Bots

Limits on the number of Bots running in Active Mode apply to any standard Bot  or user built Bot.  The limit is applied to the number of Bots enable at any one time.  Bots can be disabled from Active Mode in order to enable a different Bot without exceeding the account limit.

Cloud Accounts

AWS only (other major cloud providers coming soon).

Payment Method

Credit card payments only

Inactive Accounts

BotFactory accounts with no user access for 30 days will be terminated.